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Master Kyan Chofu & Chotoku

Kyan Chotoku Sensei
Kyan Chotoku Sensei

Kyan Chofu

Kyan Chotoku 

Kyan Chotoku Sensei was born in 1870 into a wealthy family in Shuri, Okinawa. He was the youngest of the family with two elder brothers and three sisters.


Kyan Chotoku's father Kyan Chofu was 31 years old when Kyan Chotoku was born. He was an administrator for king Sho's family properties. Kyan's mother Mamutsu was from the Katsuren clan. 


His father taught him karate at a very young age and at the age of 16 he was introduced to the great Karate-ka Matsumura Sokon. As an official of the king of Okinawa, Kyan Chofu gave his son access to education, culture and instruction with some great Okinawan teachers.


Kyan Sensei

The Early Days

Matsumura Sokon

In the earliler days of krate, Sensei would only teach a few kata. Kyan Chotoku was able to gain instruction from six different masters.


Seisan & Gojushiho





Tokumine no kun


Matsumura Sokon from Shuri

Matsumora Kosaku from Tomari

Pechin Maeda from Tomari

Pechin Oyadomari Kokan from Tomari

Yara from Chatan

Student of Pechin Tokumine from Yaeyama


The Kata Ananku was developed by Kyan Chotoku Sensei.


The Early Days

Late 1920

In the late 1920's, Kyan Chotoku Sensei moved to the village of Kadena. A School headmaster introduced him a new student. Shimabukuro Zenryo from chatan, a baker by trade. Shimabukuro Zenryo sensei studied with Kyan Sensei for 10 years until Kyan Sensei's death in 1945.

Shimabukuro Zenryo

Late 1920


After the death of his Sensei and the end of  WW II, Shimabukuro Zernyo Sensei resumed teaching Sukunaihayashi Karate-do.

All training was cunducted outside as he had no formal dojo facility. Years later he trained his son  Shimabukuro Zenpo, presently the Supreme Sensei of Seibukan, and his nephew Shimabukuro Zenji.



AIn 1962, Shimabukuro Zenryo Sensei built a dojo at his home with the name Seibukan, the Holy Art School. He was a highly respected member of his community and recieved recognition for his contributions to the local community and betterment of the okinawan people.



Shimabukuro Zenryo Sensei was one of the founding members of the Chubu Shorin-ryu organization.

In 1964, he was awarded  the highest rank in karate (10th Dan red belt) by the Karate-do federation of Japan. During the american occupation of okinawa, he was asked to teach american service men who were stationed there during the Vietnam war. From this engagement, Seibukan karate grew to America and other countries. At the age of 61 in 1969, Shimabukuro Zernyo Sensei passed away. Today his legacy lives on through his son Shimabukuro Zenpo Sensei, Supreme Sensei of Seibukan Karate-do.

Shimabukuro Zenpo Sensei

Seibukan Karate-do and the International Okinawan Seibukan Shorin-ryu Karate-do Association (IOSSKA)

are led by Shimabukuro Zenpo, 10th Degree Red Belt Hanshi. Shimabukuro Zenpo Sensei has traveled all over the world to spread his knowledge of Seibukan. With his teachings focused on his strong belief that karate is not a sport but for real life situations. Shimabukuro Zenpo Sensei was introduced to Chozo Sensei by his father. Chozo Sensei was a direct student of Motobu Choki and Chibana Chosin. From his training with Nakama Sensei he learned  Pinan, Naihanchi , Jion and the not so known kata Passai Guwa

Shimabukuro Zenpo, Supreme Sensei


From his leadership and vision, Seibukan Karate-do has grown in many countries around the world.

Europe, The Middle East, India, Asia, America, Mexico and mainland Japan. With his son,

Shimabukuro Zenshunthey both support all Seibukan Karate-ka around the world.

Shimabukuro Zenpo Sensei
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